Poor timekeeping leading to dismissal.

An employee of a small restaurant had a chef who consistently arrived late or did not turn up for his shift. The employee was taken through 3 stages of the disciplinary from procedure with a Hartley Laird consultant’s guidance. From initial stage warning to the dismissal hearing.

Our Approach:

Advised over the phone for the first 2 hearings leading to 1st written and final written warnings and provided templates and guidance for the disciplinary investigations and hearings. To prepare for dismissal hearing a consultant met with the owner face to face.

The Consultant advised the owner of the employment law in relation to contractual issues and also ensured that a thorough investigation had taken place with reference to any mitigation the employee may have including looking at the Equalities Act. We also ensured the employer was aware of the employees’ rights to representation and to a fair and equitable process.

We advised of potential risks such as unfair dismissal the dismissal hearing and provided face to face support prior to the dismissal hearing.

All communication with the employee was checked by our consultants.


The employee was fairly dismissed.