Do your Managers Avoid Difficult conversations?

Do your Managers Avoid Difficult conversations?

I have just had a meeting with the Director of Care Home whose is frustrated at the Home Manager for avoiding a difficult conversation as they are now in a situation where a small issue has now become a big one which is why they called me.

Where issues do escalate we can support, guide and conduct investigations and disciplinary, capability, redundancy processes but with the right training your managers could prevent the need for HR involvement in a large percentage of scenarios.

Lets be honest no one wants to have those difficult and awkward conversations but there are ways to make them easier.
Here are a few of the potential consequences of not acting quickly:

  • If issues of conduct, capability or behaviour are not dealt with promptly then they become and accepted form of behaviour and it makes it more difficult to tackle at a later date.
  • Failure to tackle issues promptly can cause a lack of productivity and moral in employees who witness the behaviour and lack of change or consequence.
  • If the issue could directly impact on clients then lack of action could leave you at risk with CQC and your local authority.
  • Stress and for the line manager who has not tackled the situation.
  • Rumours and gossip about what the situation is and why it hasn’t been resolved both internally and externally, this especially applies to restructure situations.


My tip….ensure all managers are trained on difficult conversations are confident enough to use the skills and have the correct policy, procedures and tool kits to support them.