Capability, Poor Performance & Sickness Absence

Capability, Poor Performance & Sickness Absence


A Senior Employee from a Care Home was not performing as expected by the New Care Home Manager. The Manager had already had some informal discussions regarding the employee’s performance and set targets, the last of which resulted in the employee going off sick so the manager contacted Hartley Laird. At the point, the Manager spoke to one of our consultants the employee had been off work for 4 weeks.

Our Approach:

After viewing all the information the manager provided the consultant advised the manager to have a sickness absence meeting with the employee and during that conduct a workplace stress risk assessment for which we provided all the documentation as the sickness absence. The employee was supported back to the workplace where the performance was tackled again. The performance was tackled on a formal setting with specific targets and timelines for improvement set alongside training and guidance.


The employee returned to work.  Their work improved and they maintained a good level of performance. The employee did disclose that their performance had not been managed the way it was managed by the new Care Home Manager and that they now have a good working relationship.

The Care Home Manager also requested training for herself and the management team on skills and models to use during one to one situations such as appraisals to get the best response from the employees.